Appearing on Fox News, Nigel Farage accused George Soros of trying to remove Christianity from Europe and that he is going ‘slightly mad’.

Billionaire George Soros who once bankrupted the Bank of England is going ‘mad’ according to Nigel Farage.

Speaking to Fox News (see below), Farage slammed Soros’ attempts to remove Christianity from Europe.

Farage said: “George Soros’ open society foundation which he poured billions of dollars into, I mean this is the biggest political campaigning organisation in the world. He wants to break down the fundamental values of our society.

“He doesn’t want Europe to be based on Christianity.

“All of this is based on some kind of self-loathing. Some sort of guilt trip about the past. In Soros’ case, it’s guilt trip about Germany’s wartime actions, the way Jews were treated.”

“The bosses in Brussels will be furious with his timing. Right now, we have Italy in revolt. The new government wants to get rid of half a million illegal migrants.

“Soros seems to be going ever so slightly mad”

Mr Soros has said time and again how he wishes to stop and reverse Brexit…good luck with that, mate.